Bitterroot Conservation District

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The Bitterroot Conservation District (BCD) recognizes that the most valuable resource to our country is its youth as they will be our next generation of resource managers.

Therefore, the BCD is reaching out and sponsoring educational programs that assist in the wise use and sound management of our natural resources.

Programs sponsored include:
  • Conservation Field Days were developed on the concept for multiple-use of natural resources. Local sixth graders are provided an outdoor opportunity to learn and form an association with various professional natural resource trained persons and programs.  Ten basic natural resource areas are explored in workshop settings.  Topics covered include: fire and pests, fish, grazing, recreation, soils, timber management and harvest, watersheds, weeds, wetlands, and wildlife.  This event takes place the third week in May.  Contact Julie Ralston at (406) 363-5010x101.
    Watershed Trailer
    Watershed Trailer: "Presentations To Help Assist In The Understanding OF Watershed Management"

  • Bitterroot Conservation District Watershed Education Trailer offered to ages 8-adult: For further information and to request presentations please contact Julie Ralston at (406) 363­5010x101 or email:

  • Envirothon is a program for 9th-12th grade students to learn more about our natural environment.  The Envirothon tests the student’s knowledge on subjects such as soils, aquatics, forestry, wildlife, range, and one area of national interest. Five-member teams compete in a setting where they learn that cooperation is needed to achieve success.  For more information please contact Shonny Nordlund at (406) 538-7401x101 or email at

  • Montana Range Days Workshops for ages 4 to adult: plant anatomy, plant identification, soils and range sites, inventory and monitoring, stocking rate, utilization, and range planning.  For further information, dates, location, and time contact Heidi Olbert at (406) 444-6619, Ross Campbell at (406) 444-6852, or visit

  • Montana Youth Range Camp is offered to ages 12-18 who will be introduced to 25 of Montana’s important range plants, grasses, forbs and shrubs.  For more information on this camp you can visit the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation website at, or call Heidi Olbert at (406) 444-6619, Ross Campbell at (406) 444-6852, or the Bitterroot Conservation District at (406) 363-5010x101.

  • Natural Resource Youth Camp is offered to ages 14-18.  Spend one week in the rustic setting of the University of Montana Lubrecht Experimental Forest east of Missoula, learning about Montana’s natural resources.  For further information, applications, and dates contact Martin Twer at (406) 243-2775 or email